NEW! Paleo Smoothies: 150 Smoothie Recipes for Ultimate Health

Delicious smoothies--100% free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar! Think Paleo and smoothies don't mix? Think again! Now, you can enjoy the quick burst of energy and nutrition that comes from the easy-to-make pre-/post-workout drink--without any of the gluten, dairy, or refined sugar! This cookbook shows you how to blend 150 Paleo smoothies right in your own home, so that you never have to worry about what else is in your drink. Whether you're interested in cleansing your body or just need an extra boost of energy after an intense workout, each section offers a delicious blend of all-natural fruits and vegetables that will keep you full throughout the day.

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Amazing Paleo Cook Book
Amazing Paleo Cook Book


Using the recipes from this cook book, you will begin to discover a
new and more vibrant you!

Information Is Power!

In this cook book, you'll learn how to make quick and easy Paleo Smoothies that are healthy and delicious! Whether you are on the go with little time for a meal or want to indulge in a healthy, cold treat, this cook book is for you!

Some highlights you'll find featured inside:

  1. An introduction to the foundational elements of the Paleo Diet. Why Paleo? Learn how to live the "Paleo Life" and discover exactly what that means.
  2. Learn why drinking smoothies on the Paleo Diet is good for you. Learn the specific health benefits you can expect to enjoy with these nutritious smoothies.
  3. How to be Paleo Smoothie ready! Find out how to be prepared at all times to create delicious smoothies for you and your family.
  4. 150 Paleo Smoothie Recipes, including tips and tricks. Learn how to make a variety of smoothies that will give you the vitamins and minerals your body needs to feel energized and vibrant!
  5. The nutritional content of Paleo Smoothies and overall Paleo nutrition. Get the exact details of each smoothie's nutritional value.

Sample Pages

  • Table of Contents Quick preview of the first page of the Table of Contents.
  • Orange Pineapple The delicous Orange Pineapple smoothie, a delcious recipe!
  • Part 1 Part 1 of 2, with a sneak peek of the special information
  • Razzmatazz Mmm the Razzmatazz in one of my favorites!
  • Green Fruit Take the pain out of drinking your greens with this little number!
  • Part 2 Part 2 of 2, with a sneak peek of the special information


After reading this book you will be armed with the information you need to change your health and change your life!

About The Author

Mariel Lewis
Published Author

Mariel Lewis is the writer and recipe developer behind the popular blog AmazingPaleo.com. She is a health and fitness enthusiast from Quito, Ecuador, who currently resides in Boise, Idaho. Her love for the (healthier) culinary arts began during her college years when she experimented with various cuisines. It wasn’t until three years after her culinary journey and through much research that she discovered the infinite benefits of the Paleolithic diet. Ever since, she has spent countless hours in the kitchen creating delicious Paleo recipes.

Mariel is passionate about helping people change their lives through proper nutrition.

It is her personal mission to provide all her readers with delicious alternatives to processed foods that are taking over grocery stores. Start improving your health today!

Pre-order $17 $13.31