Did you know that organic grass-fed beef can help reduce conditions such as asthma and arthritis? Beef contains selenium, which is needed to support antioxidants that reduce various inflammatory conditions. Now isn’t that interesting?

Beef is also a great source of protein, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, phosphorous and iron. Let’s take a deeper look at each:

- Protein will help you build a strong muscular body

- Vitamins B12 and B6 will help you reduce the risk of colon cancer and help regulate your nervous and digestive systems

- Phosphorous helps you keep strong teeth and bones (specially for those of us who workout!)

- Iron helps carry oxygen in the blood to all cells and muscles

All these health benefits make me want to eat beef right away!

On a completely different note…My husband and I just celebrated our “second” one-year wedding anniversary. See, we pretty much had three weddings: courthouse wedding in Boise (just the two of us), Ecuador ceremony and reception (big wedding dress, 6 months of planning and all my Ecuadorian friends and family), and a Boise reception (for the groom’s side of the family and close friends).

Since this is our 1st year of marriage, we have decided to celebrate all of our wedding days. To surprise my husband I cleaned the house, bought a bunch of fresh Paleo ingredients, cooked us a Paleo Diet approved dinner, lit some white candles around the house and opened a bottle of champagne. The recipe below is one of the menu items I served my hubby on our anniversary dinner date. Him and I both devoured these Pesto Beef & Pesto Burgers.

Get the full recipe here!

Paleo Beef and Pesto Burgers!Paleo Beef and Pesto Burgers!

Paleo Beef and Pesto Burgers!

Paleo Beef and Pesto Burgers!

Paleo Beef and Pesto Burgers!

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  1. Peter Godzina

    Did you get that meat at Costco?? Kirkland IS a Costco brand right? If yes, I take it you live in the States? Because I haven’t seen this in Canada