I love Christmas time. I think a big reason is because people are happier and kinder than ever during this time, and to me that is a wonderful thing. But it doesn’t stop there…it’s also a time where warm and fuzzy Christmas songs are being played on the radio non-stop, where beautiful Christmas lights shine bright all around the city, where people go all out decorating the inside and outside of their homes, and where having treats at any given time of the day is totally acceptable ;).

Since it’s a time to love and share, why not show some love while sharing treats! Today I have a super tasty recipe for you guys. Let me introduce to you my Holiday Truffles! This recipe only calls for 6 ingredients and it is very easy to prepare (no baking required)!

Oh and before I forget…

I was thinking about this on my way back from SLC yesterday (we had a super quick road trip with my hubby this weekend to go visit their IKEA store):

Since cookies are sort of a Christmas signature treat, why not share lots of cookie recipes with my Amazing Paleo peeps? I might do a cookie special, sort of like my ‘7 Days of Paleo Thanksgiving’ special...only this time solely for cookies! What do you say? Sound like a plan?

Get the full recipe here!

Holiday Truffles, a Paleo recipe!

Holiday Truffles, a Paleo recipe!

Holiday Truffles, a Paleo recipe!

Holiday Truffles, a Paleo recipe!

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