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At what point in our lives do we go from having opinions to have convictions?  An old pastor of mine once said that as he got older, his list of convictions got shorter and his list of opinions got longer.  I guess this means that as he learned more and more he allowed his mind to be changed, and things that he once felt very rigid about became a part of a category in which he held his thoughts loosely.  On the other hand, his list of convictions were few, but that much stronger.

Bonnie The Baker: Vegan & Paleo Vanilla Ice Cream Cake recipe!

You see, the thing about opinions and convictions are that opinions are often determined by our life circumstances while convictions are time-tested, well thought out, I'd-die-on-that-hill, beliefs.  It takes a strong person to have well-educated opinions and an even stronger one to have firmly established convictions.

Bonnie The Baker: Vegan & Paleo Vanilla Ice Cream Cake recipe!

Mariel is an example of both.  She is a woman who holds fast to what she believes in yet she is always open to learn, to explore, and to humbly consider a new view.  And if she never did, we would never have the pleasure of reading all of these wonderful recipes! I admire Mariel in so many ways, but I especially am encouraged by her conviction to treat her body with care.  In the Good Book, our bodies are described as temples, as something that is sacred and deserves careful consideration.  What we fill our minds, hearts and bodies with matters.  The people that we surround ourselves with make a difference.  The food that we eat and the drink we consume aren't just ways to satisfy a craving, but they are spiritual matters.

Bonnie The Baker: Vegan & Paleo Vanilla Ice Cream Cake recipe!

And so, if we are going to eat cake, let's have one with ingredients that will make us feel good. Alive. Invigorated. Healthy.  Happy.  Thank you, Mariel for inspiring change in all of us, and reminding us that what we eat makes a difference that travels beyond our physical bodies and into the deep parts of ourselves. And, thank you for your blog.  Because each day, although we live far away, I get to read your blog and I find myself in the midst of your good company.

Bonnie The Baker: Vegan & Paleo Vanilla Ice Cream Cake recipe!


Get the full recipe here!

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    • Mariel Lewis
      Mariel Lewis

      I know, don’t they?! Bonnie is such a fantastic photographer :)

  1. Katherine

    Unfortunately the pastry/bottom layer does not match the filling. The filling is sweet and delicious, where the pastry is quite salty and would be better with a savory filling. Also with a fan forced oven 350 degrees for 15 minutes was far too hot and the bottom part all burned. Ended up having success making it a raw cake by using the pecan and medjool date base on the cheesecake featured on this blog. Tastes alot nicer this way.