There is nothing better than grilling at night. Lately, that’s all we do at home, and I am in love with my little spring routine. Let me tell you how it goes…

I do all I have to do during the day (workout, run errands, clean my house, do some laundry, apply for jobs, take pretty photos, respond to emails, etc.), and then when 5pm hits, I start preparing dinner for my husband and I. Then, just about when I have everything ready to be cooked/grilled, my husband gets home. We open a bottle of wine (he usually does vodka), we turn some nice smooth jazz on, and we turn on our grill. Preston (my hubs) will go out and grill all the protein and vegetables (zucchini, squash, and lately plantains) I’ve prepped.  It smells glorious; to me, nothing beats that smell around dinnertime.

While he is out grilling, I set the dinner table and make sure I clean up my mess at the kitchen. Then, Preston will come in with dinner and we sit down and enjoy ourselves for about an hour. It is so nice to be able to have a peaceful sit down dinner, where you can chat about life and de-stress. I am telling you, this is such a gift. I love my time with my husband; he is my favorite person in the world. I feel extremely blessed to have him; not only is he my best friend, but he is also my support, my encouragement, my motivation, my rock, my spiritual leader and my confidant.

After our deliciously healthy meal is over, Preston and I go out for a 3-mile walk around the city. We live downtown and there is always stuff going on. It is so fun! Especially now that it’s summer, the sun does not go down until 9-10pm; this allows us to get our walk on with plenty of daylight. We’ve been walking to the university (where we met), along the Boise River, down the greenbelt, and around the busy restaurant areas in downtown Boise. Every walk we take is different, as we are trying to choose new paths every single time to explore as much as we can of our lovely Boise. It is the best. Spring/summer, can you please last forever?

I am leaving you today with some AWESOME Asian Paleo Burgers we made last night. By far, my favorite burger I’ve made so far.

Get the full recipe here!

Asian Paleo Burger recipe!

Asian Paleo Burger recipe!

Asian Paleo Burger recipe!

Asian Paleo Burger recipe!

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  1. The Fashionable Housewife

    I’m wondering what I can use to substitute the eggs in this…. We have major food allergies over here and unfortunately, eggs is a big one. Wondering if maybe avacado would work?