With fall starting this Sunday (crazy right? Time flies!), I thought it would be appropriate to post another fun pumpkin recipe. This oneā€™s a little sweeter and a little bread-ier than my last pumpkin recipe post. šŸ˜‰ I shared a few slices of theseĀ Pumpkin Granola Mini Bread Loaves with my friends and husband, and they really liked its texture and tasteā€¦so I am thinking you will enjoy it as well!

It is a really cute one too, as I divided the mixture into three mini bread pansā€¦making three adorable Pumpkin Granola Mini Paleo Bread Loaves! Baking things pretty is my favorite; makes me excited to see the final results while I am preparing the recipe. Plus, who doesnā€™t love eating pretty food? Everyone does. It adds s much to the experience.

If you donā€™t have three mini bread loaf pans, donā€™t worry. You can easily pour this recipeā€™s mixture into one normal sized bread pan and get the same yummy results.

Have a great week and enjoy the last bits of summer!

GetĀ the fullĀ recipe here!


Pumpkin Granola Mini Paleo Bread Loaves!

Pumpkin Granola Mini Paleo Bread Loaves!