In these colder months, little sounds better than a warm soup or stew after a long day at work. I love the idea of coming home, getting comfortable and cozy, and enjoying a delicious hot meal with my husband. It warms you up from the inside out and keeps you nice and full for the rest of the night.

Today I’ll be sharing my Paleo Slow Cooked Turkey & Sweet Potato recipe. It is very easy to prepare and it yields quite a bit, so this means that it’ll require little work on your part and you’ll also have dinner that will last you a few nights! In my household this recipe usually lasts around 5-7 days, and that my friends, is super nice…especially on those nights when we’re feeling a little lazy. 😉

You and your family will enjoy this easy-to-make and very yummy Turkey crockpot creation!

Get the full recipe here!

Paleo Slow Cooked Turkey & Sweet Potato recipe! Paleo Slow Cooked Turkey & Sweet Potato recipe! Paleo Slow Cooked Turkey & Sweet Potato recipe!Paleo Slow Cooked Turkey & Sweet Potato recipe!Paleo Slow Cooked Turkey & Sweet Potato recipe!

2 Responses

  1. Marc

    Hey! This recipe looks awesome. Has lots of stuff I love and I have a couple sweet potatoes that need eating. Just one question. You say that the dish will last 5-7 days. I’ll be eating this primarily by myself. I still want to keep the portions because I need to finish off what I have anyway. If it proves too much, does this dish freeze well? I typically avoid freezing food because it’s just never the same afterwards.

    Hope you still check these comments. Either way, thanks for the recipe!

    • Mariel Lewis
      Mariel Lewis

      Hi Marc! You know, I have never frozen this dish to eat later..but I have a feeling it should save well. Give it a try! :) If you don’t think it saves well, then next time, just cut the ingredients in half to make less. Cheers!