I don't consider myself an entertaining guru by any means, but over the last four years of my life (around the same amount of time I have been married) I have hosted my fair share of parties. I love opening my home, welcoming people in, and showing everyone a good time. I think that a party done right can be a truly memorable experience that can only strengthen relationships. They are a time to share, to laugh, to unwind, and to create fun memories with good friends.

I particularly love that moment in party when everyone's guard comes down (typically after a drink or two, wink wink) and when they physically look like they are comfortable (stiffness is gone and their posture is relaxed.) It's after that moment, when people start sharing funny stories and laughter comes easy. Friends are such a crucial part of life. A good friend can help you conquer hardships and can help brighten the worst of our days. Not to be corny or anything, but they definitely make life sweeter!

So when guests come over to our home, I want to do everything in my power to make sure they feel relaxed and taken care of. It's the little things that matter -- from having a tidy and clean house for them to be in, to providing a constant flow of snacks and drinks so that they don't ever feel like their needs are not being taken care of. And it is these little things that truly make a difference in the overall experience.

It can be a lot of work, but after all is said and done, that time and energy you've spent for your friends, is 110% worth it! My husband and I absolutely love having friends over.

Over these last few years I have learned a few tricks here and there that have helped me immensely when planning and coordinating parties. It's a short list of useful things I think about and/or do before, during and after a party, that has helped me when hosting. And today, I have decided to share this list with you in hopes that it serves as a guide or brings good ideas your way!

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