Happy Monday everyone!

I had a great weekend, despite my stressful Friday morning/afternoon. My husband and I spent lots of time together, which is my favorite thing ever. Spending a lot of time with my all time best friend? Nothing beats that!

We spent these last two days going to the gym, working on various projects, going to the movies, going on bike rides, cooking, relaxing on our terrace with wine and with my in-laws and going to church J. A bunch of quality time. Quality time is my love language. What’s yours? Saturday and Sundays are much needed rest/fun days. They rejuvenate you…allowing you to catch up, unwind and play. I am so grateful for those two days of the week.

This week is going to be a busy and exciting one…for many reasons. First of all, my parents in law are celebrating various exciting things that are going on with their lives (for which we will be having champagne for this weekend…I cannot wait…I LOVE champagne!).

Secondly, the 4th of July is this Wednesday and my hubby’s family is coming over to have a traditional (Paleo-converted) American dinner (look forward to a post on this!), which will be topped off by a fun bike ride to the park to watch the fireworks. Thirdly, my hubby and I are both busy with work and we have new projects taking off…in our minds, the more work the better! We feel very blessed to be busy and have jobs, especially in these tough economic times.

Last, but not least, Boise’s weather is STILL gorgeous! The sun shines bright from 6am till about 10pm. Oh I how love these long, hot, playful and happy summer days. Summer is a gorgeous season here in Idaho.

Today, Monday, being the first day of this exciting week, will set the pace for this great week ahead of us…and because of that, I have a delish cookie recipe for you! Enjoy and be merry!

Get the full recipe here!

Walnut Apple-Banana Cookies recipe!

Walnut Apple-Banana Cookies recipe!

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8 Responses

  1. Bonnie

    These look delicious! And what a great week ahead!! And to end it with champagne?? Perfect! Love you!

  2. Mariel Lewis
    Mariel Lewis

    Thanks Bonnie! It was an amazing week. God is GREAT!

  3. Ali

    Loved the recipe, but I have a question. I baked them for 25 minutes, and they seemed totally uncooked in the middle. I left them in for another 5-10 minutes which didn’t seem to help. Do yours firm up in the middle?

    • Mariel Lewis
      Mariel Lewis

      Hi Ali! Thanks for your comment and question :) I appreciate the feedback! Mine did bake all the way through. Did you have your oven to 250 degrees? Did you substitute or change any ingredient?

  4. July

    I love mango smoothies, I have come up with quite a nubmer of mango smoothie recipes myself! I haven’t tried coconut milk on it though. I find it too heavy on dishes, so I never really thought of trying it here especially when it’s going to be raw. But then again, I love mango smoothies so much that I would like to give this a try, lol! Let’s see what will happen, good luck to my tummy, lol!

  5. Elizabeth

    Can I use a blender? I don’t have a food processor in college :(

  6. Tessa

    I too found that the cookies needed longer to firm up. Even with an extra ten minutes they were still slightly fragile. This is probably because I used HEAPED tablespoons when placing the mixture onto the trays. I ended up with 14 cookies instead of 20 xD If you want generously sized cookies like me, I suggest reducing the amount of coconut milk or something. I did tweak a few things, but I doubt it contributed voluminously to the firming up process:
    – desiccated coconut instead of flour (didn’t have coconut flour)
    – pecans instead of walnuts (didn’t have walnuts)
    – Baked at 150 celsius (for about 35 mins)
    Nice flavours but I’m not sure if it’s quite worth the effort.
    I looked up the NUTRITION of my batch so I may as well share:
    Cals: 1067
    Carbs: 96
    Fat: 74
    Protein: 16
    Sugar: 46
    (*entire batch according to myfitnesspal.com. It’s not to the letter reliable, just rough.)