This Paleo Nut 'n' Berry CrunchĀ will change your way of looking at brunch. It is a phenomenally sweet, crunchy and satisfying side dish to serve your friends and family on a fun Sunday brunch. But who are we can really have this berry crunch anytime! And if you're anything like me, you'll have it as a late night know...just at that time of day when the crazy cravings come. Don't you just hate those? Ugh.

Good news is, you can crash those cravings with a heart-healthy berry crunch bowl! Indulge in this raw, full-of-goodness is so good for you! Berries provide wonderful antioxidants that help you fight against free radicals and give you lots of vitamins your body needs so much.

I made this recipe for a baby shower I hosted and also to take to a Super Bowl party! Ha! It turned out to be super "versatile" as everyone, in both parties, loved this dish. šŸ˜‰ Give it a try; I am sure you'll love this Nut n' Berry Paleo Crunch!

Get the full recipe here!

Paleo Nut 'n' Berry Crunch recipe!Paleo Nut 'n' Berry Crunch recipe!

Note: Recipe slightly modified from 'Oh She Glows'.