Hello, Amazing Paleo friends!

It’s been a while. Sorry I haven’t been posting frequently, but I have been busy…busy preparing something awesome for you.
Something so awesome, that you’re going to flip out when I tell you!
Actually, I have more than one thing to share today, but I think my news will benefit your Paleo journey in more than one way, so keep on reading! 😉

Announcement #1 (the thing that has kept me busy lately):
I am coming out with my very first COOKBOOK!

Isn’t this just “amazing”? Expect to see it on shelves by May 15th.
This cookbook is so special, because, not only is it all 100% Paleo, but it’s also a wonderful guide to make us all extra healthy.

Here are some of my cookbook's specs:

  • It has 150 Paleo Smoothie recipes that are to die for.
  • Every recipe is made with all-natural and Paleo approved ingredients.
  • It is broken down into five chapters: The first four chapters are wonderful introductions to the world of Paleo and to the world of smoothies. A complete guide to make you a pro in the Paleo Smoothie kitchen! The last chapter carries all 150 Paleo Smoothie recipes, each specifying the tools required, the ingredients needed, its difficulty level, its nutritional content and its serving size.
  • The 150 smoothie recipes are broken down in 10 sections, each targeting a special need. For example, if you need a little pick-me-up drink, you go to the “Energy Smoothies” section, if you’re craving something sweet and indulgent, you go to the “Dessert Smoothies” section.

I am very excited to share my delicious drink recipes with the world!
I think I will start pre-selling the cookbook via my blog soon, so if you’re dying to get one and want to be guaranteed a copy as soon as they become available, you’ll be able to do so right here, on AmazingPaleo.com

Announcement #2 (something that is changing in my blog):
If you wish to join me, prepare yourself to experience a fun twist to the Paleo lifestyle!

I have decided to create a new term within the Paleo diet. A new “lifestyle” term, if you will. One that goes hand in hand with the current Paleo life we live, however, it allows us to have a new phrase for some of the meals we prepare (nothing but some good fun, here!) Are you ready for this?

Let me introduce PALEO-VEGAN, ladies and gentlemen!
Paleo-Vegan is a combined term, where both the Paleo and the Vegan world collide. Paleo-Vegan will feed your body, by giving you nothing but the best quality ingredients and by taking your culinary experience to a whole new level.
Think of Paleo-Vegan this way…it’s Paleo without animal products and Vegan without grain products.
Isn’t this rad? I think I am on to something here. 😉

To make this easy for you, I have decided to add a new category under AmazingPaleo’s Recipes tab, where I’ll be posting all of my Paleo-Vegan recipes. These recipes will include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, spices…basically, everything and anything that we could gather from our beauty mother nature.

So to summarize, stay tuned for two awesome things:

  • 150 Paleo Smoothies cookbook
  • Lots of great Paleo-Vegan recipes

Today, I have a fun Paleo-Vegan post for you: How-to: Make Paleo Cashew Butter!
An awesome DIY treat that is inexpensive (compared to what you’d pay at a grocery store) and extremely delicious.


Get the full recipe here!

How-To Make Cashew Butter - recipe with step-by-step instruction!
How-To Make Cashew Butter - recipe with step-by-step instruction!
How-To Make Cashew Butter - recipe with step-by-step instruction!
How-To Make Cashew Butter - recipe with step-by-step instruction!
How-To Make Cashew Butter - recipe with step-by-step instruction!

How-To Make Cashew Butter - recipe with step-by-step instruction!How-To Make Cashew Butter - recipe with step-by-step instruction!

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