It's tough to find Cashew Milk in grocery stores. One of the few places that I have found carries it, is Whole Foods. And even then, when you look at the ingredients in the back of the carton to check what the milk is made of, you will find that some ingredients are hard to pronounce...not to mention, ingredients that we didn't even know were needed to make fresh Cashew Milk! I don’t know about you, but if I don’t know what an ingredient is, I sort of don't want it in my body… 😉

The thing is, I really love using Cashew Milk on my recipes. I recently did a food sensitivities blood test, and it turns out that cashews are the nuts that are the least inflammatory to my system. My body likes cashews, it does well with cashews...therefore, I welcome cashews in my life! :) The thing I love about this nut is that it is super versatile; with it, I can make Paleo sauces, desserts, baked breakfast goods, drinks, etc. To say that we use it frequently in my home is an understatement. 

So, what's my solution to being able to have easy access to great quality, fresh, all-natural, great tasting Cashew Milk? I make my own. Boom. Like a boss. 

Making Cashew Milk is very easy. It is even easier than making Almond Milk, because with this recipe, you don't have to strain the milk to separate the meal from the liquid or anything. You just high-speed blend the overnight soaked cashews, along with water for like 5 minutes, and then add it to a jar to be consumed. #love

I didn't use any sweeteners, natural flavorings or sea salt on mine, but if you want your milk to have a bit more flavor, feel free to add honey, maple syrup, vanilla extract and/or sea salt to taste. 

Happy blending, friends!

Get the full recipe here!

How To: Make Homemade Cashew Milk How To: Make Homemade Cashew Milk How To: Make Homemade Cashew Milk How To: Make Homemade Cashew Milk How To: Make Homemade Cashew Milk

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