I have a thing for chocolate. I can't deny this fact.

Sometimes, I feel like my desire for chocolate is stronger than me…to the point where there is little to nothing I can do about stopping my mad cravings. When I get that chocolate-driven urge, I will end up eating chocolate in some way shape or form, doesn't matter where I'm at or what I'm doing. Typically I'll draw the line of chocolate consumption at 8pm, as having any after that time will not let me sleep. I like sleep more than chocolate. I think.

So, what do I do to not go crazy on those days when chocolate is a must-have? I prepare small chocolate treats ahead of time, freeze them and keep them available at home! Boom. That simple. It always pays off to think ahead and be prepared. I love having them around, because that way, I can quickly snag them and consume them. #winning – wouldn’t you say? 😉

If you guys love chocolate like I do and get those sudden cravings, you may want to make some small chocolate treats ahead of time too. I bet you you’ll find it extremely helpful...borderline life saving.

I have a delicious and super healthy recipe for you guys today. One that OF COURSE involves chocolate. And one that is delicious. What I love about this one, is that it makes a bunch of small (rich) chocolate treats that will stay fresh in the freezer for you. That way you can make as many as you want ahead of time, and not have to worry about them going bad if you don’t eat them right away.

Aren’t they super cute? I love these wittle guys.

Get full recipe here!

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