Last week I blogged about a delicious Pecan Milk recipe I had made for my husband. I shared this recipe with you, so you could re-create it too and enjoy a healthy nut-based milk with your families at home.

On that same blog post, I promised to soon post a fun recipe that would call for this Pecan Milk as an ingredient, so that you could see the different ways it can be used (not just for coffee, smoothies or Paleo cereals.) And today, I am fulfilling that promise, as his blog will show you how you can use your homemade Pecan Milk to create some delicious Paleo waffles. Yum!

I have been making these delicious waffles by the dozens lately, as it seems like these are all my husband wants to eat. Pecans are a non-inflammatory food for him, and since we just recently discovered this (by a blood test that tests for food sensitivities), he has been craving Pecan-based everything! He is so cute. I love how he is so committed to take care of his digestive system and health. :)

The ingredients this waffle recipe calls for are pretty basic, nothing crazy or fancy. Most American pantries should have these ingredients readily available…and if they don’t, they are only one Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods away! Gotta love healthy grocery stores. The only “tricky” ingredient could be the Pecan Milk, but since you already have my Pecan Milk recipe, you’re good to go.

Hope you love these waffles as much as my honey does. He likes to top his with this yummy honey raspberry combo we both have been whipping up in seconds. All you need to do is add a ¼ cup of fresh raspberries and 2 tablespoons of honey to a small bowl, and using a small spoon, crush the raspberries until they break down and mix well with the honey. It’s genius, easy, healthy and super delicious. Give it a try!

Get full recipe here!

Fluffy Pecan Waffles Fluffy Pecan Waffles Fluffy Pecan Waffles Fluffy Pecan Waffles

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