If there is one thing I can have over and over again is a good waffle. And I think it shows, as I keep sharing Paleo-friendly waffle recipes over and over again with you guys. :)

And now that you have multiple waffle options to choose from on my blog, I thought I’d share ideas as what to top your waffles with…because how you top your waffle is where the magic really is!

Sometimes you feel like dressing your waffles up with something really simple, like maple syrup for example. Sometimes you just want to eat them by themselves, as nothing sounds better than a nice bread-like texture that allows your taste buds to rejoice on the pureness and simplicity of the waffle ingredients themselves (an un-altered version, if you will.) But sometimes, you feel like going BIG with the topping. And see, that's where today's post comes in handy.

There is something really special about the combination of a baked good with a nice frozen treat. Especially when the baked good is nice and warm. Seeing the frozen treat slowly melt over a warm baked good is completely irresistible. It makes you want to eat it right away…and I think it’s because you want to help the frozen treat from melting. Right? Right?! Yup, that exactly why we all eat these kind of desserts fast! 😉

Today’s frozen treat is a super scrumptious homemade Paleo Blackberry Ice Cream, and I used this delicious recipe to top my Sweet Cashew Waffles.
Let me tell you a little secret…it was uh-mazing! My husband and I both went back for extra servings. SO YUM.

I made this ice cream recipe using my standing mixer’s ice cream maker attachment, but any ice cream maker will do; just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Have an awesome Sunday Funday y’all!


Get full Blackberry Ice Cream recipe here!

Blackberry Ice Cream Blackberry Ice Cream Blackberry Ice Cream


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