I just started the Live Fit Trainer. This is the fourth trainer I do in a row! In a row! No down time…diet, after diet…gym day after gym day. That’s tough. I must be one strong and determined woman.

I mean, OF COURSE I’ve had my cheat meals, times where I’ve cried when weight lifting gets painful (seriously, that’s happened before…at the gym), and times when I get exhausted after a HIIT cardio session has been combined with a long work day.

Nonetheless, I have still have managed to stick to my trainer. I think that I owe this determination to my hubby’s support and to the inspiration I get from friends who are involved in the fitness industry. It’s truly inspiring to watch them compete, eat clean, train hard, and still manage to carry a normal grown up life (kids, work, and paly).

So, see…even though four trainers in a row sounds like a lot…it really isn’t when you’re in love with the lifestyle and when you realize how amazing you feel both physically and mentally. It’s all about finding a healthy balance; including a variety of sports, daily active play, fun gym sessions, healthy foods, good relationships, balanced work, travelling, down time, and a few cheat meals here in there (once every week).

Fitness is a journey, one that includes trial and error. You need to keep trying new things to see what works best for your body at that specific time in your life…where new routines, new diets, new trainers, new experiences and new friendships, bring joy and keep you from getting in a rut.

Since we are talking about variety…let’s talk about food variety, shall we? There is one ingredient that seems to work for a BUNCH of different recipes and makes meals a whole lot more enjoyable.

Let me introduce you to my friend, the sweet potato.

This has been a crucial slow digestive carb I’ve consumed during my trainer programs. Giving me stable energy throughout the day and a way happier belly.  My husband and I love sweet potatoes! They are good for breakfasts, snacking, dinners, and even desserts. Today I have a sweet potato snack recipe for you:

Get the full recipe here!

Coconut Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes recipe!


Coconut Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes recipe!

Coconut Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes recipe!

Coconut Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes recipe!

Coconut Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes recipe!

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3 Responses

  1. Kayla

    Your blogs and recipes are amazing. I made these and they’re DELISH and a stale in my diet. I always add cinnamon, and sometimes I also add some paprika as well for a tiny extra “kick”. (:

  2. amylou

    Is that a special type of sweet potato? I noticed its lighter and more white than usual!