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My name is Jillian; I work with Mariel's husband at THE best health and fitness company in the world, Bodybuilding.com! I am also a fellow health foodie, bikini competitor, certified yoga instructor, and admittedly obsessed with French bulldogs and almond butter :) I am super excited that Mariel has asked me to write a guest post for Amazing Paleo! I have been following her blog for quite some time and have been so inspired by her and her recipes that I have decided to jump back on the Paleo bandwagon!

Fitness and nutrition have always been a huge part of my life and last year I had done some research on The Paleo Diet and had a real "AHA" moment. It all just clicked and made perfect sense, and trust me I had read A LOT about different approaches to health nutrition. I followed the diet for several months, had tons of energy and felt great. I love cooking and creating new recipes, showing people that you don't have to sacrifice flavor for "healthy eating". My best recipes I ever made were all Paleo inspired!

A few months later I decided to take my love for health and fitness to a whole new level and sign up for my very first NPC bikini show. I hired a trainer to help me with my training and diet, ate 5-6 times a day, upped my protein considerably, introduced carbohydrates that I had been long avoiding and healthy fats. I learned a ton about proper nutrition in my journey to the stage that I will continue to follow.

Jillian Beck as a Guest Blogger on Amazing Paleo, featuring Salmon 2 Ways!

It wan't until recently that I had found out that I was allergic to grains and needed to be adding some extra healthy fats into my diet! This is when I consulted with Mariel :) I knew I loved the way I felt while following Paleo, but was apprehensive about where to get the carbs I needed to fuel my intense workouts and had doubts about adding more fats to my diet. She assured me I can follow the Paleo way, while still following my "clean eating" principles, fueling my body every 2-3 hours with whole foods.

I decided to jump back on the Paleo bandwagon and I’m so glad I did! I feel great; have tons of energy, better digestion, and improved my hair and skin! It has reignited my creative "fire" in the kitchen, whipping up fun, and healthy recipes for my husband and myself. You don’t have to eat the same old boring tilapia and broccoli to reach your physique goals, you CAN maintain a lean body, have killer workouts and reap all the benefits of adding healthy fats into your diet!

All of this leads me to the inspiration of these next few recipes I’m going to share with you. Healthy fats being the common theme here :), I chose to cook salmon two ways, my favorite veggie asparagus side, and my favorite protein "ice cream"! Salmon is my go-to treat for myself when I want to step outside the box from my usual sources of lean protein. It tastes amazing and has a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids, great for your skin, hair, cognitive function, and digestion! Below are two of my easiest and delicious ways to prepare this "super food' (not to mention they are my hubby's fav)!

Jillian Beck as a Guest Blogger on Amazing Paleo, featuring Salmon 2 Ways!


Jillian Beck as a Guest Blogger on Amazing Paleo, featuring Salmon 2 Ways!

Jillian Beck as a Guest Blogger on Amazing Paleo, featuring Salmon 2 Ways!

This picture shows my Coconut Asparagus being used as a side dish :)

Jillian Beck as a Guest Blogger on Amazing Paleo, featuring Salmon 2 Ways!

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