Lately I've been craving a good kale salad. Kale salads can be so satisfying, so healthful.
With this deep desire to create an epic kale salad in mind, I went ingredient shopping to Whole Foods. The perfect place to start such a quest, wouldn’t you agree?

I got to the produce section, and saw they offered quite an impressive selection of kale. I went with the one that had the cutest name of them all: Dino Kale. Loved the name. Loved how fresh it looked. Loved its deep green color. And loved its texture. Dino Kale it was!

Then, I ventured off to the bulk section and saw that walnuts were on sale, so I bought a bunch of those to go with my salad. From the corner of my eye, I was able to see some great looking apple juice sweetened dark cherries. I immediately turned around and walked towards them; I knew these ladies would 100% compliment the walnuts in my salad. Mmm. I could already taste the goodness.

Then, it was time for me to start thinking of my salad's dressing. I knew I wanted it to be savory, not sweet, so that already narrowed down my options, and I was already leaning more towards a tangy and citrusy sort of flavor. I grabbed a few last ingredients I was needing for this, and then headed home.

I had remembered reading about a salad recipe online that carried a walnut combination with nutritional yeast and garlic, so I decided to mimic that! The nutritional yeast would give my salad a nice cheesy flavor, that would go just perfect with the garlic and lemon, plus it is super nutritious. YUM. 

I made my salad, accompanied with some delicious homemade grilled chicken and farro (recipes for these coming soon to the blog, so stay tuned) and had a feast at home.

Best meal in a long, long time. Highly recommend it!

Get the full recipe by clicking here!

Dino Kale Super Salad recipe! Dino Kale Super Salad recipe! Dino Kale Super Salad recipe!  Dino Kale Super Salad recipe!

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