My family loves bread, and I think this love started with my great grandma.

Every day, my great grandma would eat freshly baked Ecuadorian bread; she had a piece for breakfast and a piece for her “light dinner” (which consisted of just “cafecito con pan” -- coffee with bread). It was very cute to watch her eat her meals; she ate them slowly and with such joyful enjoyment. Bread was definitely high up there for her; she LOVED it!

I adored being around our Mama Quetita (that was out nickname for her); she was a gem. The kindest, most loving and caring woman I have every met in my life. And even that, is an understatement. She lived a long and healthy life (was over 100 years old when she passed away); kept herself active, bright and thin. Everyone that knew her loved her. You would never, ever hear her speak negatively about anything or anyone, and had nothing but kindness to share with others. I remember she had a closet full of candy in her room, and every time us great grandkids (or grandkids) came to visit, she would open up her closet, pull out chocolates and cookies, and share them with us (and the cutest part was that if we didn’t’ want any at the time, she would stuff a few pieces in our pockets, so we could “have them for later”.) I think she loved her little sweets so much, that she felt compelled to share them with the ones she loved the most. She was the epitome of love. I miss seeing her sweet face so very much.

I honestly think our love for bread has been passed down from generation to generation, starting with her. I can say that because I have seen how much my grandma loves it, how much my mom and her siblings love it, and how much my siblings and I love it.

Now, the regular bread you buy at grocery stores or bakeries is not Paleo approved. It is made with wheat. So even though I love its taste, it makes me feel bloated and super uncomfortable afterwards (gluten intolerance, anyone?) What I tend to do to avoid feeling sick, while still being able to enjoy my beloved bread, is just bake a few non-gluten loafs at home and keep them in my refrigerator to last fresh all week. I can bake sweet Paleo breads or savory Paleo breads; it kind of just depends on what my family is in the mood for at the time! The beauty of baking my own, is that these breads don’t make us feel icky or sick; instead, they give us great energy and nourish our bodies right!

Today I am sharing a savory Paleo bread recipe with you guys - yay! You will love its versatility as you can serve it for breakfast along with eggs and bacon, use it to make a sandwich for lunch, or just do what my great grandma taught me to do -- enjoy it plain (maybe topping it with jam or honey) along with a nice cup of joe!

Get the full recipe by clicking here!

Simple Paleo Bread recipe. Gluten free and dairy free! Simple Paleo Bread recipe. Gluten free and dairy free! Simple Paleo Bread recipe. Gluten free and dairy free! Simple Paleo Bread recipe. Gluten free and dairy free! Simple Paleo Bread recipe. Gluten free and dairy free!  Simple Paleo Bread recipe. Gluten free and dairy free!

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