It’s June already! Whaaa? Can you believe it? How CRAZY is that?

Seems like we went directly from winter to summer, skipping Spring altogether. Ay-ay-ay.

Time is passing by way too fast. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely planning on slowing down to be able to take it all in, and really savor the sunshine and warm weather. I have to. I spend way too much time complaining about winter, to not fully take advantage of summer! (My husband would definitely widely-eyed nod at that statement. LOL.)

To take full advantage of the sun, and to give my body as much vitamin D as I possibly can, I have compiled a list of “must do’s” with fun summer actives. I am sharing it with you, in case you are in need of ideas for yourself and your family. I hope this list inspires you to get out, be adventurous, and try something new!

Mari’s Summer Must-Do’s:

  • Hike every other week (trying a different route every time!)
  • Run a 5k (or 10k) outside on the weekends.
  • Go camping at a new place with friends.
  • Go sailing.
  • Take a golf lesson.
  • Visit a town nearby.
  • Visit the farmer’s market to get fresh produce.
  • Take long walks after dinner on workdays.
  • Try new coffee shops/restaurants, sitting on their outdoor patios.
  • Go swimming (at a pool, lake or ocean.)
  • Find a friend who wants to tan and tan with them (while listening to summer hits and drinking a few fun cocktails -- why not?)
  • Go watch outdoor tennis matches or practices.
  • Have a romantic picnic by a lake.
  • Go on bike rides with my honey.
  • Help a gardener with her garden.
  • Find a serene spot at the park, spread a blanket and read a book.
  • Invite people for fun BBQs on the patio.
  • …more items might be added to this list in the near future… 😉

See? Lots to choose from -- lots to do! I would love to hear what your own fun summer “must do’s” look like, so please be sure to share with me on the comments below!

Also, here is a delicious summer Healthy Bowl recipe that will help you quench your thirst after long hours of playing under the sun. ENJOY!

Get the full recipe here!

Healthy-Bowl-Berry-Galore-13 Healthy-Bowl-Berry-Galore-10 Healthy-Bowl-Berry-Galore-9 Healthy-Bowl-Berry-Galore-4 Healthy-Bowl-Berry-Galore-3Healthy-Bowl-Berry-Galore-6

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