Today's Healthy Bowl has bold, flavorful and naturally sweet ingredients. I've added cherries, blackberries and bananas to the mix. Doesn't that just sound dreamy? It is -- and it will quench your thirst and cool you down after a long day out in this summer-like heat!

Cherries are in season right now, so they are as red as can be and as juicy as can be. They make any dish delish!
I have been adding them to most of my meals this week; putting them in salads, smoothies, desserts, you name it! You guys gotta make sure you get your hands on some some (best grocery shopping decision you'll make), so you can take full advantage of this delicious gift of God while you can. Your whole family will enjoy them; seriously, just wash them, put them out in a bowl on your kitchen counter, and you'll see how your family will opt for these as a snack, versus going to the pantry for some chips or processed yuckies. Give it a shot, you'll be amazed at how bad eating habits can be modified by making healthy treats readily available!

Get the full recipe by clicking here!

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