Today is Father's Day, and I want to wish a happy, happy day to all the wonderful fathers out there -- we love you and appreciate you greatly! You are our examples to follow, our teachers, our rocks, our entire family's pack leaders! 😉 You have taught your children to be strong, confident and independent humans from day one. So we celebrate YOU today, not only for all the hard work you’ve put into raising us, but also for how you’ve showered us with love.

{And of course we can't forget about our Heavenly Father today. He is the PERFECT FATHER and the Father of all nations. He has given us life, guidance and unconditional love from the beginning of time…so how about we celebrate Him all day long? I bet you He will be smiling from Heaven as soon as you think of Him and thank Him for loving us today.}

In my household it is tradition to serve a nice brunch out on the patio every Sunday morning (we get to relax and enjoy delicious food -- we love this tradition so much that we tend to wake up extra early on Sundays, totally stoked about the feast we are about to create) and since today is Sunday, AND also Father’s Day, we decided to have an extra special item on the menu: Paleo Pumpkin waffles!

Yes…YUM. You have no idea how incredibly delicious my home smelled while these puppies were baking…and would you believe me when I say that they tasted ten times better than what they smelled? Yup. It’s true. They were THAT good!

Be sure to accompany your waffles with uncured bacon, your favorite style of eggs, and lots of maple syrup!

Get the full recipe by clicking here!

Paleo Pumpkin Coconut Waffle recipe. Gluten free and dairy free!Paleo Pumpkin Coconut Waffle recipe. Gluten free and dairy free!Paleo Pumpkin Coconut Waffle recipe. Gluten free and dairy free!

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