Today is the first time ever in history that I share an instructional cooking video on my blog!
I have been meaning to film one of these for you for a REALLY long time, so it has definitely been long overdue. But, better late than never, right? Yeah, that's what I think too! 😉

This short video will walk you through a very simple and common recipe...your typical scrambled eggs. I have been making scrambled eggs for such a long time, that I have one hundred percent mastered the process and the "secret" to making them perfect!
My secret is simple: patience. Patience is key in the kitchen. Try to rush through a recipe, and you'll find that your foods are not as tasty as they could be, and their consistency is definitely not where it could/should be. There is a huge difference in the end product when you give your recipes their required cooking time and lots of good patience.

My favorite way of having eggs is just this, scrambled. My husband and I have scrambled eggs pretty much every morning, and accompany them with some sort of breakfast meat and some sort of paleo baked good (like pancakes, waffles, muffins, etc.) Sounds delicious right? It is! We absolutely adore breakfast time.

My scrambled eggs (the recipe I have for you today) are extra special because they are cooked with coconut oil. The coconut oil gives them a slight hint of coconut-y taste, and I've gotta tell you, no scrambled egg has ever tasted so good! Make them and you'll see what I mean.

Hope you find the video fun and informative! Watch the full video here!

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