I have a love-hate relationship with our current weather. I ADORE the sun, the fun summer activities, to wear shorts and flip flops, and the general summer vibes. However, when the temperature reaches the three-digit mark, things get real.I mean I shower, get all ready to go out, and as soon as I walk out that door, boom, my best friend “Mr. Sweat” is right there to greet me! Might as well not shower, right? What’s the point? (Totes kidding. I’ll always shower. No one likes stinky people.)

Another thing, wearing make-up has totally become a nuisance. One of my biggest pet peeves now is sweating my makeup. Gross! You don’t even know what your face looks like after a good 15 minutes of straight up sweating. I mean, is my blush down my chin? Is my eyebrow makeup all over my eyelid? Is my sweat picking up my makeup and dripping down with color? Ew! Solution? No make-up for me these days. Au-naturale is where’s its at for me during summer months.

Something else we must do during these three-digit temperature days is to hydrate. You’d typically never see me carrying bottles of water around with me when I am out and about, but it’s a completely different story nowadays. My hands are busy holding water bottles at ALL times. It’s definitely refreshing to have a drink available when you need one, but it’s a little annoying to have to carry stuff with you everywhere you go.

In all honesty though, I’d take summer anytime before I’d take winter…so even after all these silly rants, deep down, I am one happy camper. :)

On a positive summer-note (yay, I love positivism!) I’ve managed to maintain my summer frozen-treat intake. Yay! My Healthy Bowls are still around, and they are here to save the day! Today, I’m sharing another delicious Healthy Bowl recipe with you. That’s right! And this one is a really fun one, because I’ve used another one of my Paleo recipes to go along with it as a topping. I think you’ll love eating this cold and crunchy Mango Pineapple Delight with Hippie Granola Healthy Bowl creation.

Enjoy…and stay cool!


To get the full recipe, click here!

Mango Pineapple Delight with Hippie Granola Healthy Bowl recipe! Mango Pineapple Delight with Hippie Granola Healthy Bowl recipe!

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