The 4th of July is coming and everyone in America is getting their grills and grilling supplies ready for the big day!
We love to gather around on patios with family and celebrate our Independence Day the right way.

We start by planning out what we are going to do that day, and when that's figured out, we get our guest list done. Then, we follow up and invite those guests! A few days before the BIG day, we begin shopping for all the needed supplies to make our day a GREAT one. It's very exciting to set up our space in a festive way, and to create a delicious menu that all will enjoy. When we are supply shopping for the event, we look for things that are red, blue and white and stock up on all things stars! When we grocery shopping for the event, we get burgers, hot dogs, buns, corn, salad, drinks and all sorts of fun blue, red and white desserts. People (me included) absolutely adore the holidays, because it means great food, great drinks, great fun, and a great time! They take us out of our daily routines and allow us to unwind, having some very much needed R&R.

To honor this upcoming Independence Day, I have created a delicious and healthy Paleo burger recipe for you. One made with Bison! YUM. It's lean, juicy and very flavorful. Happy -almost- 4th of July everyone!

Get the full recipe by clicking here!

Bison Burgers with Guacamole recipe!