One of the things I miss most about living in Ecuador is the availability of cheap produce…and the ease of produce purchase.

While stopping at a red light, you could buy 25 oranges for one dollar, 5 mangoes for a dollar, or 15 tangerines for a dollar. All with just rolling down your window. Street vendors come to you and deliver beautiful colored fruits and vegetables at the comfort of your car. It’s great!

One of the most amazing bargains we ever obtained was in a town outside the city of Quito. We were in Guayllabamba (small town) with my family visiting the zoo. On our walk to the entrance of the zoo (from the parking lot) we saw a small little shack with fresh fruits and veggies. A lady came to us and offered to sell 12 avocados for one dollar. TWELVE for ONE DOLLAR!

We of course pulled out a buck to get our hands on those twelve luscious avocados. Now, I’m not talking small little tiny avocados…I'm talking massive, soft, and green as can be avocados. They were marvelous. My mom and I were so stoked to get home and make creamy guacamole to eat with our baked potatoes (that’s how we do down there). It pretty much made our day. Mom and I get really excited about good food…I think that may be where I get my massive food cravings from. Gee, thanks mom.

I miss the bargains and organic produce. Not saying I can’t find great stuff here…it just costs me an arm and a leg. Shopping at Costco helps. Try getting a membership if you don’t have one already!

Anyhoo…this fun seafood, fruit (avocados), and vegetable creation came to me the other night when my husband and I took a bike ride to our fave organic store in Boise. We found lovely avocados and my most adored canned tuna fish (its from Italy…fancy, right?).

After an exhausting, yet lovely, bike ride with our cruisers, we got home and were so hungry we could eat a horse! When my husband opens the refrigerator and takes out his low-sodium peanut butter and eats it by the spoonful (bad boy!), I know I better prepare something soon.

This Tuna Guacamole recipe turned out amazing, probably the best Guacamole we’ve ever had. It was gone in about 5 minutes. That says it all.

We enjoyed it with some baked sweet potato chips from a bag. I should’ve made some at home, yes, but the bag option was faster…especially considering the low-sodium peanut butter consumption by the spoon full that was taking place in my kitchen.

Get the full recipe here!

Tuna Guacamole recipe!

Tuna Guacamole recipe!

Tuna Guacamole recipe!

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8 Responses

  1. Bonnie

    Each week we get avocados at the Farmers Market and so this week I will need to make this!!

    • admin

      Yum! Farmers Market avocados sound delish! Let me know how you like the recipe Bon!

  2. Maria Elena

    What a great recipe, as soon as I get home I will defenetely prepare it! Sounds a lot better than the one I used to make!

    • admin

      I am sure you will like this one mom…tuna and avocado…your favorites!

  3. Chris

    Had this for breakfast this morning before sprint training on the beach, absolutely beautiful!
    My first time eating avocados!
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful recipies, I’ll be back to try more!

    • Mariel Lewis
      Mariel Lewis

      Yay, so gad you liked it Chris! Thanks for the comment! :)

  4. Monique

    This is amazing. Who knew tuna and avocado went so well together? I eat this at least once a week for lunch – thanks! 😀