Happy Friday to you all; the weekend is finally right around the corner!

Friday mornings tend to bring so much excitement my way -- and that is because I know that soon enough, I'll get to relax, get to take a few days off from a crazy busy schedule, get to slow down and re-connect with loved ones, get to catch up on projects and house work, get to go out and explore while being active, and get a chance to meditate and do the things I truly love. Don't Friday mornings have the same type of effect on you? I bet you get a similar energizing feeling. 😉

I'm looking forward to reading a lot this weekend. I will probably allocate around ten hours to reading. There is so much I want to learn and explore in a few books I've recently acquired. Of course I will be sure to break those reading hours and allow my eyes and mind to rest; probably take advantage of those breaks and spend some quality time with my husband (maybe going out to dinner, or grabbing a nice hot cup of joe and going for a walk), do some laundry, cook some lunch, catch up on personal emails and maybe fit in some online shopping -- my true guilty pleasure! 

Another thing I will probably do is prepare myself and my hubby a Healthy Bowl. And knowing our routine, this will probably happen sometime mid afternoon. I just find that time of day to be the perfect time to feed our bodies with quality ingredients (to keep them fueled and nourished) and to also treat ourselves by savoring some sweet, crunchy, refreshing goodness. I love these things, but you've probably already figured that out (this is the third Healthy Bowl recipe I'm sharing this week!)

If you find yourself needing a little break this weekend, and you're craving a healthy treat, be sure to try this delicious Sweet Mango Healthy Bowl. It will give your taste buds some major satisfaction, it will cool you off, and provide you with some great energy to keep you going!

Get the full recipe by clicking here!

Sweet Mango Healthy Bowl recipe! Sweet Mango Healthy Bowl recipe! Sweet Mango Healthy Bowl recipe! Sweet Mango Healthy Bowl recipe! Sweet Mango Healthy Bowl recipe!

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