Today is day two of my Healthy Bowl recipe sharing.

I have decided to post these healthy treat ideas for you, as I believe everyone deserves (and can use) a treat every single day! One that is guilt free (not having sugars and ingredients that don't do your body good), one that is satisfying, and one that can bring joy to one's life. I can't tell you enough how much we look forward to our Healthy Bowls in our household! We have one every single day and I don't think we'll get tired of them any time soon. Our food processor might, but surely not us!

You can modify your treat per whatever fruits and toppings you have available in your kitchen, and to whatever type of flavor and texture you're feeling like having. It's pretty cool how one can control the quality of ingredients used when preparing one's own treat at home -- sometimes when we get our treats elsewhere, we don't know where the ingredients come from (if they're fresh, if they're organic, if they've been properly washed and disinfected) -- and the quality served and consumed. Another great benefit is that you can comfortably enjoy it at home, in a relaxed and soothing environment.

I enjoy my Healthy Bowls in between lunch and dinner, as an afternoon snack is you will. It satiates my cravings, it gives me great energy, and it motivates me to work harder on whatever task I have at hand (treats have a way to make our days brighter, don't they?) What I'll do is add the fruits and mix-ins I'm craving that day, blend them in my food processor, and top my mixture with nuts, seeds, more fruit and fresh honey. It is so scrumptious, so delicious -- by far my favorite "comfort" food!

Today's Healthy Bowl recipe is just as simple to make as the recipe I posted to days ago (Healthy Bowl: Blueberry Banana); it just carries a different fruit base (containing a few fun add-ons) and different toppings. This little one brings tropical memories to me, simply because of the coconut milk and mangoes that I have included. This Strawberry Vanilla treat is one of the many Healthy Bowl recipes I'll be sharing with you as templates to follow; please feel free to create your own, based on what satisfies YOU! Remember, this is your treat and you are the one that gets to decide how to enjoy it!

Happy blending and happy treating!

Get the full recipe by clicking here!

Strawberry Vanilla Healthy Bowl recipe. A frozen treat made with fruit!   Strawberry Vanilla Healthy Bowl recipe. A frozen treat made with fruit!    Strawberry Vanilla Healthy Bowl recipe. A frozen treat made with fruit! Strawberry Vanilla Healthy Bowl recipe. A frozen treat made with fruit! Strawberry Vanilla Healthy Bowl recipe. A frozen treat made with fruit!

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