Okay you guys...today I have an oldie, but a goodie for you!

It's a traditional Ecuadorian appetizer, which all Ecuadorians ADORE. We eat this while at the beach, highlands, jungle, Galapagos...you name it; just anywhere and everywhere. It is so delicious, so refreshing, so healthy, and so good for you.

Ceviches are typically enjoyed at the begging of a meal (as an appetizer), served very cold in a small bowl, and accompanied by fresh homemade popcorn/corn nuts/patacones/plantain chips (these additions add crunchiness and goodness to the ceviche -- just toss them in and eat it all mixed up with a spoon.)

In Latin America, each country has its own version of Ceviche. The Peruvian Ceviche, for example, is more of a dip -- a shrimp cocktail of sorts that one enjoys with chips. Ours (the Ecuadorian version) is more like a cold soup, that is enjoyed with your favorite additives (listed above.) It is so YUM, you guys. Words can't even express how much I love it. It's by far my favorite Latin American ceviche (I could be biased though.) 😉

If you can't visit our lovely Ecuador soon, I highly recommend taking a little piece of Ecuador to your home. Get to experience the country a bit (at least by taste), and expand your cultural horizons. I know you will love this Heart of Palm (Vegetarian) Ceviche recipe...especially if you're into healthy foods!

Click here for the recipe!

Heart of Palm (Vegetarian) Ceviche recipe!  Heart of Palm (Vegetarian) Ceviche recipe!

Heart of Palm (Vegetarian) Ceviche recipe! Heart of Palm (Vegetarian) Ceviche recipe!

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