Whenever we have a family event or get-together, it is very likely that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law will ask me to bring my Guacamole. They loooove my Guacamole. It is really cute to see them eat and enjoy it so much, so of course I always say yes. :) I just recently brought it for a 4th of July party we had over at their home. We had a few family friends and family members gathered around the kitchen counter (while many others were out BBQ-ing) as my Guacamole was served and ready to be enjoyed. Watching them eat it so enthusiastically, made me ask them all a question: "why do you like this particular Guacamole so much?" (I was curious, I am a very curious person!) They said that they love how fresh it tastes and how healthy it feels. Made sense to me. I will always make my Guacamole minutes before serving it and will only use organic ingredients to make it, all of which have been carefully selected by me at the grocery store. I look for perfectly ripen avocados, perfectly red and soft tomatoes, ready to use limes, good cilantro leaves, perfectly green jalapeño peppers, and good-looking onions and garlic. I also make sure every ingredient is well washed and prepped; I would highly dislike getting anyone sick from say not washing/rinsing the cilantro well. Yikes! Would not be good. Always wash your fruits and vegetables, guys, especially organic ones.We typically tend to enjoy this Guacamole along with these Vegetable Chips or with these Sweet Potato Chips; it's one of our favorite appetizers for sure. This and a glass of red wine on hand...heaven. But we'll also sometimes top burgers or other grilled meats with it. Guacamole goes well with lots of things. However you decide to use your Guacamole, I hope you love this recipe's taste and freshness as much as my family does!


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World Famous Guacamole World Famous Guacamole World Famous Guacamole

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